The formidable victories of Soviet and Russian chess masters, from Alexander Alekhin (1927 to 1934 and 1937-1946 world champion) to Vladimir Kramnik (2000 to 2008 world champion), made a significant impact on the history of global chess.

Sadly, the traditions and winning streak of the Russian chess school ended in 2008. The reason is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union many chess players ended up in different countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Soviet chess schools for younger players were affected the most.

Out of the
world chess champions

are representatives
of the Soviet chess school

Today, PAO ROSSETI, the Chess Federation of Moscow Region and the city administration of Khimki, with the support of Moscow Region governor Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov are building a new chess platform and inviting talented young chess players, such as winners and medalists of World, European or Asian championships to play chess as official representatives of Russia under the Russia flag after becoming citizens of Russia. We welcome participants from any country.

As international practice shows, chess players often switch from one chess federation to that of another country seeking better pay, as well as more skilled coaches and managers. It’s no secret that the majority of US youth chess team consists of chess players from countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as players from China and Vietnam.

Moscow Region Government

Today PAO ROSSETI and the Chess Federation of Moscow Region with the support of the regional government and the city administration of Khimki has created a unique professional chess center, offering the most talented young players in the world all necessary tools for further development. The city administration of Khimki provides housing for a year for the ten toughest young chess players invited from other countries, as well as talented children from the most remote corners of Russia, who want to participate in Russian and international tournaments, as well as free training with highly qualified coaches. Bibisara Assaubayeva’s family received the keys to such an apartment on the 3rd of November during a ceremony after becoming world champion.


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Moscow Region Chess Federation