Assaubaeva Bibisara

Elo 2381

2004 b-year. Female U-14 World rank 1. The youngest Woman Fide Master title holder, five-time world champion, won several international space tournaments

Esipenko Andrey

Elo 2571

2002 b-year. Fide Master since 2013, 2nd point of Grand Master title, won multiple European and World tournamnets


Elo 1906

2005 b-year. Candidate for FIDE – WCM title (woman chess master)

Murzin Volodar

Elo 2268

2006 b-year. 2016 European champion among boys younger than 10

Tsoi Dmitry

ELO 2371

2004 b-year. Russian Champion in rapid U15

Garifullina Lea

ELO 1925

2004 г.р. Woman Candidate Master

Sarana Alexey

ELO 2562

2000 b.y. Youngest russian Grand Master

Triapishko Alexandr

ELO 2531

2000 b.y., International Master. Russian Champion U16

Cherepanova Evita

ELO 1753

2006 b.y. Winner of Eorupean School Tournament

Sipetin Vladislav

ELO 2263 Online Fide - 2534

2001 b.y.; Arena Grand Master – from 2015; Fide Master – from 2017

For those who wish to join the Club

We will be happy to welcome you in our ranks of talented young playersage 8 to 15 who have had certain successes in chess and are in need of comprehensive support from our Club. We invite the winners and medalists of European, Asian and World championships.

Our goal is not to create a club exclusively for champions; we wish to assist promising young chess players who need the help of the Club to become professional chess players.

Chess players of our club have to:

  • Be ready to play for Moscow Region;

  • Be willing to undergo non-stop training and perfect their game in chess;

  • Observe the Club’s timetable;

  • Comply with fair play rules:

    • Respect your opponent
    • Respect the rules and the judges’ decisions, accept any ruling made by a judge, and contest them appropriately if needed
    • Doping or any other form of artificial stimulation is strictly prohibited
    • Equal opportunities  — all chess players at the start of the tournament have equal chances of winning
    • Self-control а — control their emotions, be able to accept any outcome.

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